Mar 12, 2013

Realm Of The Mad God Cheats For Free!

Want free working Realm Of The Mad God Cheats or a hack?

ROTMG is a fun new game released in 2011.
Our cheats includes:
  • Anti-ban (will close on detection)
  • Undetected (as of latest update)
  • God mode (invincible, check video)
  • Speed and stat hack

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Press the download button and follow instructions (A short survey will be prompted, to verify your not employed by the creators)

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Read our full article about our cheats and hacks here:

There is no doubt that realm of the mad god is a massive RPG that has been increasing in popularity ever since it was released.

This game has a lot of features that make it more fun to play. Such features include multiplayers and regardless of whether you are playing or not, you can get access to all its features. As a player, you are in charge of controlling a character which can team up with other characters transported to realm of Oryx.

Oryx then summons his workers and divides them into groups upon which they are supposed to fight enemies that they come across and you move to the next level based on how many enemies you defeat. its good for all and those that have not tried it out should waste no more time. It is easy to get to play it since it is free to play it.

There are good tutorials just in case you are a new player and not familiar with it.
You can make it easier for yourself; all you need is to have the realm of the mad god cheats.

How to do it:

There are many reviews that people have written providing links that you can use to get yourself cheats.
Searching the cheat code can be tricky but getting the best website can help you with the task.
It is not easy to hack, if you try to change any values in the game, your character gets deleted and that becomes the end.

You need to keep in mind that death is permanent and all progress is lost upon death of a character.
Cheating in ROTMG involves changing of variables completely. 
This is not supposed to affect characters or the game in any way. 
There is a code known as AS3 which uses 2 functions one being the main one and the other is used to call it. You can use this code effectively especially if you have hacking software or an editor such as HxD but you should not rely entirely on HxD.

Use of HXD prompts for you to have Firefox browser when it comes to locating a plugin executable container file.



What we offer you:

There are lots of procedures to follow so as to make your cheat successful without causing any harm to your characters.
In case your game keeps booting when playing or when starting it, you have to get yourself a checksum pass. You can get it in many websites that offer cheats especially those that have specialized in realm of the mad god hack.

Playing is pure fun.
This is especially when you are increasing in level and getting yourself powerful weapons. The more you advance, the more respect you earn. You get buried in case you die before you are through with your mission.
Enjoy and have fun!

Our Realm of the mad god cheats top 4 features explained

Are you playing Realm of the Mad God? Do it feel difficult to clear it's stage or want to get rid of an enemy easily?

Sometimes getting beaten and beaten will lead to anger, therefore you might consider some of the cheats available for this game.
 You will win easily and also get the most powerful item.

Realm of the Mad God cheats

At this moment, fair play is almost negligible!

Most players use illegal programs called "cheats" to fight the other opponents or clearing a certain stage. It's just wasting time to play fairly against most of the opponents you meet as most is actually cheating. No matter how hard you try, you will not win against them.

There we have the solution, our hack is probably the best available at the moment, it will guarantee you to win every match you encounter.
But there is also a risk, when other players report your action to the administrator or game master of that game, you will be banned ( can't use your account anymore ).
Our Realm of the Mad God cheats comes with GREAT safety to you and lower the risk of getting banned, actually we haven't had a ban complaint from one of our many customers so far.

A video showing the god mode hack feature:

Here is 4 epic features in our Realm of the Mad God hack:

1. Bots
Bots are used to farm items for you automatically, while you can relax.
This feature will make your account stay online and farm game money or items even if you are away from your PC.
Just set the bots and leave, check it after few hours and you will freely get money game and item from your auto hunt.
This is the most safe kind of cheat, because it's not edited any of client or server data just make your move, attack and etc. according to bots software.

2. Engine hacks
This cheat will change any stats on any character to almost any number using Cheat Engine. This will change your current stats to whatever stats you want. Set the stats to some higher point, and dang ! You will get high damage, defend, hit points and everything you change. Bit risky feature tho, use with caution

3. God mode
God mode will make you invulnerable and not take any damage from monster or anything and some can 1 hit your enemy. Turn this ON and you will be the GOD of the game, no one will stand against you. This kind of cheat requires relogin after you use this after few hours to use, otherwise you will be disconnected.

4. Dupe clients
This will turn you into game millionaire, get the high price item and duplicate them. You will get the other item ( doubled ) and also you can use or sell them to other player. So, before many player use this kind of cheat, be the first to use and get high benefit from this. Make much game money from duplicating the expensive item, then sell it to other player or just use it to reinforce your equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Realm of the Mad God cheats (it's free) and beat all those opponents and player that annoys you, be the GOD of the game, wipe out them all without doubt. If there is an easy way, why pick the difficult one ?